1. Do you have a physical store in any country?

No, we only sell online.

2. Can I get some coupons?

To register on our website, you are eligible for special offers and discounts. Visit our website and regularly subscribe to our latest news to view your emails to stay up-to-date on these special offers.

3. Which payment method do you accept?

Only PayPal.

4. Don't know which size to choose?

Before choosing a size, please refer to our size chart to make sure the size is right for you. If your size is not suitable for our size chart, you can choose a custom size service.

5. Is your product the same as the picture?

All of our products are identical to photos.

6. How is the quality of your product?

Our products are of good quality compared to our competitors. All of our products are identical to photos. The product is suitable for non-high-end markets that are competitively priced.

7. When can I get my belongings?

All our items are made to order. Usually our garment processing time is about 10-15 days, and the transportation time is about 3-5 days, which also depends on the style and handwork of the garment. Some clothes are easy to make and therefore take less time. But some are more complicated and therefore require more time. Also, it's best to contact our customer service department to ensure you have enough time to purchase your goods. We will take care of each customer's order.

8. How to change the order?

Contact our customer service as soon as possible to see if they can be corrected.

How to return?

1) After receiving the item, please check it in the correct way and try it as soon as possible without removing the label, changing or washing the clothes.

If there is a problem with our product, please contact our customer service within three days of the order delivery date. Attach your order number and instructions with a photo to record the reason for the return.

PS: If we use or damage our products, we do not accept any returns, and we have 3 days of requirements. You have enough time to ensure the quality of the item.

And we did not try to return to the situation. (We do not accept returns, please order one of the three products to try one of them, but only one, and then return the other two products. We do not try when returning.)

If you choose the wrong color and size, we do not agree to return. But you can still contact us and we will try our best to help you solve this problem.

2) Once the customer service department approves your request, please return the product to us as soon as possible. In addition, please send us the shipping information by email:

a) send a photo of the parcel;

b) tracking number;

PS: All returned items must be in a new state, unused, with original label and packaging, without any fragrance, otherwise we will not refund.

3) Once we receive our facility, your return will be processed immediately.

PS: As for the return, we do not pay. You should pay by yourself.