Return Policy

Your satisfaction is very important to us. After your package arrives, we recommend that you check and make sure the dress meets your ordering requirements. Try on your clothes as soon as possible without removing labels, changing or washing clothes. If you are returning or replacing clothing or accessories, make sure they are in their original condition - not worn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, lint-free, with a full label.

The item is defective, damaged or mishandled

You are eligible for a refund of the full purchase price and shipping costs for defective, damaged or mishandled items. If you believe that the item was damaged during shipment, you must first obtain a "Certificate of Damage" document from the shipping carrier.

Size or assembly problem

Since all of our dresses are hand-stitched, the finished dresses may differ by about one (1) inch in either direction of the specified size. To ensure that your dress is still perfect for you, our tailors add extra fabric to all the stitched garments when sewing, making it easy to make smaller size modifications.

The dress is not the size you ordered

If your dress size differs by more than an inch from your order size, we recommend that you find a local tailor to adjust and we will be happy to compensate you for 100% of the price of the product in the ruling cost. If you choose this option, please remember to ask the tailor to request a receipt, as a copy of the receipt must be provided when requesting a refund.

The dress is the size you ordered, but it is not suitable

Dresses that do not fit but meet the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or replaced. Since our dresses are made from other fabrics at the seams, you can adjust them yourself at your own expense. Please note: If your order size is too different from the final size requirement, you may not be able to adjust the size.

Color does not match

The settings on your computer screen may change the color of the displayed picture. A slight color mismatch between the color of the dress and the color displayed on the screen may not mean that the dress is defective or improperly transported. However, if you are sure that the item you received is the wrong color, please contact customer service to see if it can be returned or refunded.

Expired product

If for any reason your order is not shipped within the specified timeframe and is delayed within 10 days, you are eligible for a full refund or a 30% refund upon delivery of the expired product. If the product is overdue for more than 10 days, the customer is eligible for a full refund. If the clothes are not returned, the shipping fee will only be paid by the customer.

Return process

1) Contact our customer service* within 3 days of the order delivery date. Attach a photo of the instructions and record the reason for the return. Returns are not accepted without prior approval from customer service.

Your order has been shipped when you receive an email from us titled "Shipping Notice for Order #XXXXXXX with".

2) Once Customer Service approves your request, please send us the product and complete product return form as soon as possible.

3) Once we receive our facility, your return will be processed within 3-5 business days. Once you have confirmed and checked your return, please allow up to two billing cycles to credit it to your account. If the return is unacceptable, we will not treat it as a refund, but will send it back to you.